Full Name Caliban (EN)
Dr. Gedora (JP)
Homeworld Thalian Zone
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) The Imperial Alliance
First Appearance F-01 Assassination Plot
Last Appearance Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership
Voice Actor(s) JP: Kenichi Ogata
EN: Al Matthews

Professor Caliban (Doctor Gedora ゲドラ博士) is a scientist of the Imperial Alliance on Commander Makara's Battlecruiser. Caliban appears completely out of the blue very late on in the series.


The silver-skinned, frock-coated Caliban has a telescopic lens replacing his right eye and a mechanical right arm, not to mention a Russian accent. He's unlike Makara and Orion in that he doesn't appear to have a symbiote as such.

He is the Director General of Science under the direct control of the Imperial Master himself and it is said that nobody can equal his skill in the development of new and murderous weaponry. He gains pleasure from the remodeling and programming of human bodies, making people think that he is really quite perverse.

It can be assumed that Caliban was acquired as part of Makara and Orion's promotion to the Executive Council. Due to her continued failures against Star Fleet, Makara calls upon Caliban's perverse skills to construct a mantis-like cyborg assassin known as "The Bionic Assassin" to assassinate Lamia, in direct violation of the Imperial Master's orders. Though his creature fails in assassinating Lamia, it does succeed in killing Dr. Benn.

Caliban then tries to redeem himself in the eyes of Makara during their attack on the planet Callinean with the Death Ball, a large black ball on rollers, bristling with various weaponry. Caliban's Death Ball proved to be one of Dai-X's most formidable challengers, being well-armored against the Dai-X's weaponry. Although Caliban is able to knock Dai-X out and drain it of most of its energy, Dai-X then surprises Caliban by using an energy shield to block his flamethrower attack. The Death Ball is destroyed when Dai-X proceeds to use its X-Tracer lasers on it.

Caliban is somehow able to survive the fiery destruction of his Death Ball, and takes part in the repair of the Imperial Battlecruiser, upgrading the ship with energy shields. Highly damaged by Orion's suicide attack, X-Bomber can not penetrate the shields, thus Dai-X is once again sent out. Failing to anticipate an assault by the Dai-X, Makara and Caliban are killed after Dai-X penetrates the cruiser; Caliban is crushed by falling debris.



Voice ActorsEdit


  • He was named Dr. Vulcanox in the French Dub