Captain Carter
Full Name Captain Carter (EN)
Captain Custer (JP)
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Age 30-40
Status Deceased
Hair Color Red
Affiliation(s) Earth Defence Forces
Imperial Alliance
Known Relatives At least 1 daughter
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance Our Mortal Enemy is Captain Carter
Voice Actor(s) JP: Norio Wakamoto
EN: Garrick Hagon

Captain Carter (Captain Custer カスター大尉) is the former commanding officer in charge of Pluto Alpha Base, before the Imperial Alliance's attack on the Base. Carter was abducted and brainwashed by Makara, giving all allegiance to the Alliance.

He was previously the head instructor of Star Fleet Academy, and was the mentor of Shiro, Hercules and Lee.


With his long red hair flopping over one eye, shades, beret, and huge collared cape, Carter is a well respected name within Earth Defence Forces. Carter initially started as a top instructor at Star Fleet training Academy. Though strict, his humane approach to military training has won him much respect. He was responsible for training Shiro, Hercules and Lee with Shiro being particularly close to him.

Refusing promotion to the military headquarters, he becomes the commander of Pluto Alpha Base. With the Imperial Alliance attack on Pluto Base, Carter is defeated in his best attempts to defend the base. Carter's body was never found after the base was destroyed. Shiro speculates that Carter's mysterious decision to take up command on Pluto Base was due to him anticipating the impending attack, and attempting to strike up the best forces possible.

Left for dead by all, apart from Shiro, Carter was, in reality, abducted by Makara and interrogated for information regarding the F-01, of which he had none. Makara, unable to accept that Carter simply didn't have that information, had the Laser Memory Dissimulator raked up to maximum power, which potentially could cause severe cerebral damage.


Carter under Imperial Alliance control

Eventually when Makara and Orion are sentenced to execution by the Imperial Master, Carter becomes part of her plea to continue the search for F-01. Carter is brainwashed, becoming Commander of Operations on their taskforce battlecruiser. His right eye covered by a scorpion implant and his left arm replaced with a biomechanical claw, Carter now carries all allegiance to the Alliance. Knowing all about Star Fleet’s weaknesses, Carter is able to come up with many clever attacks on X-Bomber.

Shiro is the only one able to recognize the new commander of the Imperial Alliance’s voice and soon enough deducts that it is Captain Carter. Shiro challenges the Captain in Single Combat; whilst engaged in this duel Carter’s Imperial Fighter is severely damaged and crashes down on a meteorite. Having been launched out of his ship, he is freed from the effect of the brainwashing, deeply regretting that he gave his soul over to the Imperial Alliance. Carter couldn't cope with his betrayal and dehumanisation when freed from Alliance control, preferring to die at the hand of his star pupil: Shiro Hagen. Carter is mortally wounded and dies from a single shot, his last words to Shiro being “Good Shooting!”


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  • His Japanese name may have been intentionally meant to be an illusion to George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876) who, on June 25, 1876, led 210 men into battle at Little Bighorn against Lakota and Cheyenne warriors. Custer and all of his men were killed in the battle.
  • Carter is never seen without his sunglasses, regardless of the setting, even with the Alliance's mind control covering the right side of his face.
  • According to Makara in Galaxy Adrift, Carter has a daughter. Given that they went to her for information, this would likely make her a young adult or a teen at least.
  • He is called Commander Munther in the Arabic dub.