Captain Halley
Full Name Captain Halley
Homeworld Esper
Gender Male
Age 20-30
Status Alive (as F-01)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) The Skull
Planet Callinean
First Appearance Lamia: Girl of Destiny
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Katsuji Mori
EN: Garrick Hagon

Captain Halley (ハレー) is the mysterious Captain of The Skull, the ship which both evades and assists X-Bomber during the run of the series.


Like Lamia, Captain Halley hails from the Planet Esper. Halley cuts a heroic figure with his horned helmet, cape and katana-like sword. Halley escaped from the Imperial Assault on his home planet, likely having been on The Skull with the infant Lamia.

Halley is destined to "become one" with Lamia, who will ultimately bring peace to the universe, on the dawn of the Year 3000. Shiro suspects Halley's involvement with Lamia is a romantic one by the "become one" comment and thus is very abrasive toward Halley.

Captain Halley saved Professor Hagen's life when the professor's ship broke down in space while he was searching for Lamia's homeworld.

He also leads the resistance against the Imperial Alliance, and helps X-Bomber in their combined fight against the Imperial Alliance. Though Halley's resistance is complicated by the fact that the planet the Esper refugees have escaped to, Callinean, has an extremely pacifist ruler, so does not wish to draw the defenseless world into the conflict.

He possesses strong telepathic skills, stimulating Lamia’s natural telepathic abilities upon blasting her with a telekinetic beam during their first meeting. On New Years, Halley and Lamia indeed "become one", merging into F-01, the only being capable of bringing down The Imperial Master.


Voice ActorsEdit


  • Halley is first heard during Episode 5, but is not seen until Episode 14. In the former appearance, Peter Marinker performed Halley's voice. Due to the possible confusion that would ensue in him sounding too much like Dr. Benn, he was replaced by Garrick Hagon, since his voice role, Captain Carter had died in Episode 12.
  • Halley's appearance is very similar to Shiro's, sharing his delicate features and long red-brown hair. This is likely intentional given their involvement with Lamia.
  • The Japanese-language wiki cites Halley as actually being Lamia's brother.