MainBody in flight[1]

LegTrax is one of the fighter craft that forms part of the experimental Dai-X.


LegTrax, a.k.a. Legstar, is controlled by John Lee, and forms Dai-X's hips, legs and feet. This fighter is unusual in that it has caterpillar tracks which can be used to turn it into a ground assault vehicle. As a result its performance as a fighter is probably somewhere between that of BrainCom and MainBody. It proves itself very capable in space when Lee rescues Shiro and Lamia from pursuing Imperial Fighters in episode 14.[1]

LegTrax measures 27.5m in length, 19m in width and 7.5m in height.[2]

When not in use, LegTrax is docked on the starboard side of X-Bomber's main section.[3]



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