Number Two
Full Name Number Two (EN)
Officer B (JP)
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Age 70-80
Status Alive
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Earth Defence Forces
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Masaharu Satō
EN: John Baddeley

Number Two (Officer B オフィサーB) is the second subordinate of General Kyle stationed at EDF's Star Fleet Command.


Number Two is a long serving high ranking officer of the EDF, second-in-command to General Kyle. Number Two appears to be much older than General Kyle.

He fears for the safety of Earth in the face of the attacks by the Imperial Alliance and advises the General on the best action and strategies he feels the EDF should adopt. He sends Shiro, Hercules and Lee, recent military graduates, to crew an urgently launched X-Bomber to spearhead the fight against the Imperial Alliance at General Kyle’s request.

He is shown to be somewhat more pessimistic than the others, as he believes that X-Bomber and its crew are dead after months of being lost in deep space.



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  • Both Number One and Two are referred to by their Japanese names, Officer A and B respectively, on the Character Profiles on the The Complete Series DVD.
  • He is referred to as "The Major" in the French Dub.