Princess Keeli
Full Name Keeli
Homeworld Planet D
Gender Female
Status Unclear
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
First Appearance Farewell: the Eternal Battlefield
Voice Actor(s) JP: Mami Koyama
EN: Liza Ross

Princess Keeli (プリンセス言語) is the Princess and only surviving member of the Royal Family of the Planet D, which was invaded by the Alliance many years ago.


Many years before the events of Star Fleet, Keeli was the Princess of Planet D. The peaceful planet was attacked without warning by The Imperial Alliance, headed by Commander Makara, killing Keeli's parents and forever leaving the embers of war.

Due to the planets resistance, the planet was seeded with war machines. Only those who won in battle could hold the right to rule thus placing them in the position where they had to fight to retain their status. Imprisoned in a dungeon, placed in suspended animation, Keeli could do nothing but witness the devastation of her planet.

Many years later, when X-Bomber draws near, Keeli broadcasts a distress signal via telepathy to the crew. Despite the crews suspicion of it being another Alliance trick, Dr. Benn thinks otherwise and sends Shiro, Hercules and Lee out in Dai-X to investigate.

They find Keeli in the dungeon and free her from her traps. She relays her story to them and begs them to help put an end to the never-ending war. Though they are skeptical due to the fact that the machines lay dormant, until Captain Carter arrives in an Imperial Drone craft and orders an attack on the machinery, activating them and resuming the war.

Shiro, Hercules and Lee are able to destroy all the Aeriel fighters and Land Tanks using the Dai-X. Keeli thanks them for finally putting an end to the war. With her wish granted, shes promises that one day new life will grow from the ashes of the planet, and she can now sleep peacefully. She says goodbye to them and quietly falls asleep, transforming into a rose. The crew watch in confusion and somehow come to the conclusion that she was never really there.



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  • Princess Keeli's story is the basis around the music video for Star Fleet Project's Star Fleet.
    • In addition, in said music video, her name is erroneously spelled as 'Princess Kyle'.
  • John Lee has a crush on her as expressed by his introduction to her; "I'm Lee, and you're beautiful, heheh..."