Space Quest for F-01

Michio Mikami
Akira Takahashi
Kiyotaka Matsumoto
Noriyasu Ogami


Kimio Ikeda


Go Nagai


Annie Wallbank
Stephen Lovesay


Terry Flounders
Panda Publishing Ltd.




77 mins (1983)
90 mins (1987)

Preceded by

The Thalian Space Wars

Space Quest for F-01 is a compilation movie containing nine Star Fleet episodes. The movie was released directly to VHS by MY-TV in 1983, and was released again by Master Vision in 1987.

The compilation film incorporates poorly re-edited footage from the episodes "Super Powerful Imperial Alliance Fleet", "Find F-01", "Lamia: Girl of Destiny", "Lamia Kidnapped", "F-01 Assassination Plot", "M13: Full Frontal Attack Begins", "M13: A Battle with No Tomorrow", "The End of Earth" and "A New Beginning for the Galaxy"

Plot SummaryEdit

Successfully able to distract EDF's Ocean Fleet with FG Operation, Commander Makara's ship closes in on Earth, and she appears on the EDF communication screen and makes her demands. Commander Makara demands the handover of the F-01, give it to the Alliance and they will leave Earth alone forever. Star Fleet Command has no idea what F-01 is and have never heard of it. Makara gives them one hour to hand over to comply with her demand or else she will destroy Star Fleet Command. (Super Powerful Imperial Alliance Fleet)

Meanwhile, while X-Bomber is grounded on the Moon, Shiro, Hercules and Lee try to complete the final repairs on the X-Bomber's engine room, as they all guess what F-01 is. As they talk, Lamia comes to the conclusion that F-01 refers to her. Wanting to know her origins, Dr. Benn recounts Lamia's origins to her, based on what Prof. Hagen told him. Meanwhile, back on Star Fleet Command, Makara destroys their missiles, and General Kyle orders Star Fleet Command evacuated. X-Impulse is the only solution, X-Bomber launches as the Imperial Cruiser draws near. They are successfully able to fend off the enemy with X-Impulse, but Makara assures them they will return. (Find F-01)

Suddenly, X-Bomber gets a contact from the intergalactic sailing ship The Skull, asking which one of them wears the special token, and that they should be transferred to the Skull. Dr. Benn, suspecting another Alliance trap, refuses. Wanting to know her origins, Lamia asks Shiro to take her to the Skull, which he reluctantly agrees. The Alliance is not far behind. Noticing the shuttle craft launch and head toward the Skull, they launch Imperial drone craft. Lamia and Shiro meet Captain Halley, the captain of the Skull, and as Lamia boards the Skull, the Alliance Attack, knocking Lamia into space. Shiro pursues her, as the Fighters pursue her. As Shiro finally catches up to her, Lee comes in LegTrax and destroys the fighters. Shiro and Lamia return to X-Bomber, and X-Bomber uses her laser blast against the Alliance Carriers, prompting Orion to order a retreat. (Lamia: Girl of Destiny)

X-Bomber meets with Captain Halley on the Planet Molphane, where he relays the story of F-01 to them. Lamia is of the Pizarees Royal Family on the Planet Esper. Upon her birth, a mystic foretold that Lamia would become a being of immense power able to bring peace to or dominate a universe in the year 3000. As a result, the Imperial Alliance attack the Planet Esper, but Esperian elders escaped with the infant Lamia in one of their intergalactic sailing ships. Halley informs that he is under the protection of the Callusion star cluster and must live in order to become "one with Lamia", which Shiro takes the wrong way and becomes apprehensive of. X-Bomber sets off for the Planet Callinean. (Lamia Kidnapped)

Meanwhile, Makara has now gone to extreme measures, becoming obsessed with the capture or destruction of the F-01. Professor Caliban creates a Bionic Assassin to kill Lamia, defying the Imperial Master's orders. Back on X-Bomber, Lee spots an unidentified abandoned ship on radar, the boys go out in Dai-X to investigate. The ship is a trap laid by the Alliance, and the Bionic assassin sneaks on board X-Bomber after sneaking back on LegTrax. The Bionic Mantis attempts to kill Lamia, but Kirara protects her and Lamia is able to alert Dr. Benn. He races to Lamia's room, and shoots the Mantis just as it's about to fire on Lamia, but attacks Dr. Benn with its scythe. As X-Bomber reaches the Planet Callinean, the poison from the Assassin's scythe takes effect and Dr. Benn dies on the bridge. (F-01 Assassination Plot)

X-Bomber sets down on Callinean, and are met by Captain Halley. As Halley shows the crew around, Shiro and Lamia meet an old face, Professor Hagen. Meanwhile, Makara, Orion and Caliban are preparing to attack. Professor Hagen starts to tell his story about how he set out to investigate Lamia's origins and how his craft failed and was rescued by Captain Halley in the Skull. While the crew meets the King and Queen of Callinean, the Imperial Battlecruiser launches its attack on Callinean, luring out X-Bomber while Caliban's Death Ball sets out to attack the Castle. (M13: Full Frontal Attack Begins)

As the Battlecruiser fires upon X-Bomber, Orion launches Imperial Fighters who attack the palace. Halley despairs and takes the Skull up to hold off the fighters. But Caliban's Death Ball approaches the palace, and launches a devastating barrage on the palace. Shiro, Hercules and Lee leave X-Bomber in Dai-X to confront the Death Ball. However, the Death Ball is easily able to defeat Dai-X, locking magnetic grapplers to her and electroshocking it. Dai-X is able to get back on its feet and destroys the Death Ball with X-Tracers, but Dai-X depletes its energy. Fortunately, the King and Queen accept that they must use Hagen's laser cannon to defeat the Alliance, which causes major damage to the Battlecruiser. The Imperial Master appears and strips Makara and Orion of their command, intending to attack the Earth himself. The Master's message is intercepted by the Skull's crew and Lamia relays his intentions to the X-Bomber crew. (M13: A Battle with No Tomorrow)

As X-Bomber races to Earth, Lamia starts suffering from terrible headaches as her transition to F-01 becomes apparent. Back on Earth, Star Fleet Command detects the Imperial Master's Planet nearing, as X-Bomber continues to fail contact with them. As a glowing energy field blasts, Lamia appears before the Imperial Master in astral form when she has her next headache. She commands the Master to stop his planet. The Master banishes her and she passes out back on X-Bomber. Lee finally makes contact with Earth Defence Forces, who are taking large damage from the Imperial Master's attack. (The End of Earth)

X-Bomber races toward the Earth, as the Master appears in front of them in hologram, demanding them to execute Lamia in order to save the Earth, but the crew refuse. They come in range of the Master's planet and Lamia is transferred to the Skull as Shiro, Hercules and Lee take off in Dai-X. The Master sends fighters out to meet Dai-X, but they are able to destroy them. The Skull, meanwhile, is in bad shape with several gunners killed. Dai-X gets the fighters away from the Skull, as she point blank attacks the Masters planet with X-Tracers. The Master uses the Delta Laser against Dai-X, knocking them out and sending her adrift. However the planetary conjunction starts as the year 3000 dawns. Lamia, Halley and the Skull merge into the F-01, who confronts the Imperial Master on the Imperial Planet. F-01 successfully kills the Imperial Master and destroys his planet. Lamia as F-01 says her goodbyes as X-Bomber returns to Earth. (A New Beginning for the Galaxy)

Video ReleasesEdit

The movie was released in the UK by MY-TV in 1983, and was re-released by Master Vision in 1987. Until the Complete Series DVD release in 2009, this VHS along with The Thalian Space Wars were the only Video releases that Star Fleet saw in the UK, apart from Star Fleet in 1984.

Two versions were released of the compilation film, the first version by MY-TV in 1983 was 77 minutes long, while the second version released by Master Vision in 1987 was 90 minutes. The shorter version omits at least 10-15 minutes of content, notably all of episode 23, cutting from the Royal banquet in Episode 21 to Lamia and Halley merging in Episode 24.


  • The movie comes from 35mm prints as opposed to the 16mm used for the English master tapes, so the footage is better quality.
  • This compilation film appears as an extra on the Japanese Complete Series DVD and Laserdisc with Japanese subtitles. Thus this is the only compilation film to appear on DVD.
    • As a side note, the film on the DVD is slowed down from 25fps to 23.97fps, making the audio noticeably lower in pitch, though the intro is still at its original speed.
  • The movie was dubbed in Bulgarian and released as "ТЬРСЕНЕ НА 'F-01' В КОСМОСА" by Multi Video Center
  • Much of the end from Episodes 19-24 are extremely rushed and crammed into the compilation film. This is even more so for the short version.
  • Part of the Episode recap from Episode 18 is visible from Episode 19.
  • Makara and Orion's fates are left ambiguous.


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