Star Fleet: Original Television

Paul Bliss




Airwolf Records


December 7, 2009


51 minutes



Star Fleet is a British Original Soundtrack of the series of the same name, released on CD in 2009 by Airwolf Records. The Soundtrack is a digitally remastered collection of various (though incomplete) music pieces composed by Paul Bliss for Episodes 1-12 of Star Fleet.

According to Bliss, the audio was in his possession, sitting in his loft for about 26 years. He performed the extensive remastering to the audio from its original mono recordings into stereo. Though Bliss tried to keep them as true to the originals as possible, he did add certain pieces of synth sounds underneath the tracks due to him feeling that hearing some tracks without dialogue and action sounded "empty". Certain parts of some tracks were replaced that Bliss felt he recorded badly -- an example being a track from Episode 4 titled "Alliance Shakedown" sounds more like a re-composition of the original track.

The CD is only available for private order through Airwolf Records and the Soundtrack's official website

Track ListingEdit

  1. Star Fleet Main Theme (1:16)
  2. Episode 1 Suite: Thalian Invasion (9:10)
  3. Episode 2 Suite: Race into Danger (3:34)
  4. Episode 3 Suite: The Mystery of F-01 (5:37)
  5. Episode 4 Suite: The Eye of Jupiter (9:48)
  6. Episode 5 Suite: Rendezvous in Space (6:05)
  7. Episode 6 Suite: The Trap (5:29)
  8. Episode 7 Suite: Sargasso in Space (3:29)
  9. Episode 8 Suite: Planet of the Monmons (2:09)
  10. Episode 9 Suite: Trial & Execution (1:47)
  11. Farewell Old Friend (from Episode 12) (1:10)
  12. Don’t Miss the Next Episode of Star Fleet! (0:22)
  13. Star Fleet (End Titles Song) (1:27)


  • Many tracks are missing such as Lamia's harp theme in Episode 3 and the Ocean Fleet theme from Episode 2, and some are cut short, such as the battle themes from Episode 6 and 7. In a radio interview with Paul Bliss on 'Gateway 97.8' in Basildon, Essex, he revealed that much of the original tapes were degraded, which is likely the reason why many themes sound different, shorter or missing.

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