Star Fleet: The Complete Series

Fabulous Films






February 9, 2009


610 mins

Catalog No.


Star Fleet: The Complete Series is a UK/Australian DVD featuring all 24 episodes of Star Fleet restored to their complete episodic forms, whereas episodes from previous tapes had many cuts. It was released by Fabulous Films on February 9, 2009 in the United Kingdom.


The Year is 2999, Space War III Has Ended. The Galaxy is once again enjoying a time of peace. Our Solar System, with Earth as its leader, is slowly attempting to force new hope out of the ashes of devastation.

Influenced by Star Wars, Japanese Anime and Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds, this Intergalactic Japan-UK Co-Production from Manga Creator Go Nagai, is one of the great sci-fi puppet series. Originally airing on ITV in the early 80's, this epic space opera sees an alien Battle Cruiser commanded by the evil Makara of the Imperial Alliance leave the Thalian Zone and attack the Earth Defence Force. Earth's only chance of survival is Doctor Benn's untested X-Bomber Project, a New and Powerful Fighting Ship built on the Moon. The X-Bomber, lead by head pilot Shiro Hagen, is now locked in battle with Makara's Ship across the Solar System and into Uncharted Space.

All 24 Complete and fully restored episodes of this sci-fi Supermarionation classic are proudly presented for the first time on DVD.


Disc OneEdit

Disc TwoEdit

Disc ThreeEdit

Disc FourEdit

Extra FeaturesEdit

  • Complete Episode Synopsis'

Disc OneEdit

  • Series Synopsis
  • Series Background by Momosuke Yamiryu
  • Dubbing Cast List

Disc TwoEdit

  • Character Profiles
  • Machine Profiles

Disc ThreeEdit

Disc FourEdit

  • Stills Gallery
  • Behind the Scenes Gallery
  • Collectables Gallery
  • Production Credits


The DVD was released on February 9, 2009 in the United Kingdom in a boxset. The boxset contains a double sided poster, one side with the X-Bomber crew, the other with Makara, Orion and The Imperial Master. In addition it contains a booklet with all the comics by Mike Noble that originally appeared in Look-in Magazine from 1983-1984 and six postcards containing the characters and mecha.

A slim-case version was released on January 1, 2011 in the UK. This omits the posters and postcards, though the comic booklet is still kept. The DVD was released in Australia on February 28, 2009 by Umbrella Entertainment for Fabulous Films. The Australian version is also slim-case with only the booklet included.


  • The original release date was slated for September 1, 2008, but was delayed for unknown reasons.
  • This DVD gives thanks to Andy Thomas, the admin of, who without, Star Fleet would probably have not have gained the support for a DVD release that it did.
  • The episodes are from their original 16mm Television transfers, rather than 35mm prints used on the UK compilation releases.
  • The commercial eyecatchers (which simply consisted of the Star Fleet logo as seen in the intro) are cut out, but sometimes the laserblast from the transmissions are audible for a brief second.
  • There are two minor cuts on Episodes 12 and 14 after where the commercial break would take place. These scenes are omitted due to them being the same, or similar to the scene before or after it.
  • All episodes are restored to their original TV quality, though are not remastered as some sources claim (likely due to the confusion between the two terms).
  • The intro and end credits are all edited from Episodes 2 and 1, respectively, onto each episode.
  • Episodes 7 and 12 both have audio cutoff issues for a brief moment.
  • Brian May's Star Fleet Project music video is edited small frame onto a large widescreen background instead of being full frame.

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