The Imperial Council
Full Name Unknown
Homeworld Thalian Zone
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Eye Color Yellow (Adviser 1)
Green (Adviser 2)
Affiliation(s) The Imperial Alliance
First Appearance Board the Imperial Alliance Mothership
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) Adviser 1
JP: Kenichi Ogata
EN: John Baddeley
Adviser 2
JP: Masaharu Satō
EN: Sean Barrett

The Executive Imperial Council are the nameless high-ranking ineffectual advisers to The Imperial Master, stationed on the Imperial Fortress.


The Executive Council serve as The Imperial Master's assistants, though due to his stubbornness and their fear of him, aren't very effectual more than being complacent yes men. They very much mirror EDF's Number One and Number Two, being the Imperial Master's equivalent of the two.

Like all other Alliance subjects they appear to be from different alien species and both have been given head and arm implants, making their loyalty to the Imperial Alliance all the stronger.

Under the Imperial Master's guidance, they head the attacks on Star Fleet Command on Earth and X-Bomber. They frustrate X-Bomber's pursuit of the Imperial Master's space fortress using clever obstruction tactics.

They and the Termoid Crew are killed in the Imperial Fortress after Lamia as F-01 defeats the Imperial Master and the resulting shock-wave that destroys his fortress.



Voice ActorsEdit

Adviser One

Adviser Two


  • Neither are given a name, and their title as "The Executive Council" is purely conjectural. Their tag as the executive council is based on a comment made by Orion which suggests that Makara would have been promoted to the council had she succeeded in capturing F-01.