The Imperial Master
Full Name The Imperial Master (EN)
Emperor Gelma (JP)
Homeworld Thalian Zone
Gender Male
Status Deceased (physically)
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) The Imperial Alliance
First Appearance Scramble X-Bomber
Last Appearance A New Beginning for the Galaxy
Voice Actor(s) JP: Banjō Ginga
EN: Jacob Witkin

The Imperial Master (Emperor Gelma ゲルマ魔王) is the ruler of the Imperial Alliance, who brings great cruelty to the universe. He is named by some as The Devil.

The Master is a monstrous figure standing about fifty feet tall, swathed in a black cape, with a head seemingly composed of living rock embedded with human skulls and bristling with ornate blade like structures.


The Imperial Master's goal is total conquest of the universe and to achieve this; he launches repeated, cold blooded attacks against whatever planet he turns his attention to. His heartless and inhumane actions are not only directed towards his enemies but also against his own people when they fail to meet his expectations. He doesn't tolerate failure, and has no qualms in executing repeat offenders.

Prophecies have foretold that the Ultimate Power is on Earth, and although no one knows what that power is, the Imperial Master is determined to grasp it and keep it for himself. His attacks on Earth are made for this purpose, and so it is vital that Earth's defenses and X-Bomber succeed in fighting off this threat. A universe ruled by someone as evil as the Imperial Master would mean the end of all freedom, and possibly even the end of the universe.

Despite being the menacing figure he is, he fears the growing power of F-01 and its ability to thwart his ambitions. Thus he orders Commander Makara and Captain Orion to discover what exactly that power is, and lock it up, destroying anyone or anything standing in their way.

Thanks to the incompetence of Commander Makara and Captain Orion, he eventually decides to take matters into his own hands and assaults Earth directly in the Imperial Fortress, leading to a final confrontation with Lamia, the F-01. Ignoring her warnings, he conceitedly ignores them, and confronts her on the dawn of 3000 A.D. Despite wielding a huge sword and being able to fire destructive beams from his eyes, he proves no match for the reborn Lamia, resulting in the total destruction of his base, killing him and his advisers.


Voice ActorsEdit


  • The Imperial Master was portrayed by an actor in a suit in the last three episodes, presumably to facilitate his incessant gesticulations as he rants. In his other appearances, he is portrayed by a puppet via hologram, and matte shots. In his suit, he was portrayed by puppet operator Toru Kubo.
    • In addition, the difference between the suit and puppet is the head size. The Master's head is much larger in suit-form.
  • In the pilot, the Master is portrayed as an animated silhouetted figure. His mouth was the only thing shown moving.
  • Much as General Kyle does, the Imperial Master has two advisers, though they only appear in the last couple of episodes and remain nameless.
  • He was named King Artus in the French Dub, and Germal in the Italian and Arabic Dubs.