The Thalian Space Wars

Michio Mikami
Akira Takahashi


Kimio Ikeda


Go Nagai


Annie Wallbank
Stephen Lovesay


Terry Flounders
Panda Publishing Ltd.




90 mins

Followed by

Space Quest for F-01

The Thalian Space Wars is a compilation movie containing six Star Fleet episodes. The movie was released directly to VHS by MY-TV in 1983, and was released again by Master Vision in 1987.

The compilation film incorporates poorly re-edited footage from the episodes "Scramble X-Bomber", "X-Bomber Goes Forth", "Mortal Combat in the Gravity Graveyard", "An Attack Beyond Tears", "Farewell: the Eternal Battlefield" and "Wipe Out the Transport Fleet".

Plot SummaryEdit

Three pilots, Shiro Hagen, Barry Hercules and John Lee, are chosen as part of a top secret project; the X-Project to combat the alien enemy under the command of Dr. Benn Robinson. Meanwhile Commander Makara and Captain Orion launch an attack on Star Fleet's Pluto Base, killing Captain Carter. General Kyle orders X-Project to be launched immediately. The crew has little training, but take the helm of the X-Bomber as the enemy head toward Earth. They engage the enemy in battle, but the X-Bomber is taking a hammering. (Scramble X-Bomber)

As the battle draws out, the controls of the X-Bomber start malfunctioning, as does P.P.A. They find the controls are being interfered with by a near black hole, which is dragging X-Bomber into it. Shiro struggles to control the ship as it is being sucked into the hole. X-Bomber collides with a meteorite, knocking out the bridge crew. (X-Bomber Goes Forth)

The Gravitational pull is sucking energy from the ship, Dr. Benn realizes they have to break free of the black holes gravitational pull, or risk being stranded there forever. Orion persuades Makara that they should attack the X-Bomber rather than wait for the ships energy reserves to dissipate. X-Bomber revives it engines and attempts to make a run for it as best as it can, but Orion moves to intercept them before they can find the exit. They have no choice but concentrate the remaining power for a laser blast and subsequently X-Impulse on the Battlecruiser, leaving X-Bomber totally defenseless as it has used up all of its power. When all seems lost, a tractor beam pulls them free, they find they have been rescued by a mysterious sailing ship, the Skull. (Mortal Combat in the Gravity Graveyard)

X-Bomber has to land on the nearby Planet Morphane for essential repairs, The Alliance Cruiser unfortunately is not far behind. As the boys repair the ship, Lamia befriends some native creatures on the planet which she names "Mon-Mon's", which deeply worries Kirara. Shiro and Hercules investigate and fire at one of them, killing it. Lamia is less than impressed with their violent actions. As X-Bomber prepares to depart, the Mon-Mons settle on her engines, impeding their launch. To make matters worst, the Imperial Cruiser arrives and blasts a laser torpedo at the Volcano, causing an eruption. The crew have no choice but to blast the Mon-Mons off despite Lamia's protests. They are succesfully able to escape the eruption. The Imperial Master is angered by Makara and Orion's failures and calls them back to the Imperial Planet for punishment. (An Attack Beyond Tears)

As X-Bomber continues her journey, P.P.A catches a distress signal from a nearby planet. The boys launch in Dai-X to investigate, finding and freeing Princess Keeli. Her planet was devastated by the Alliance many years ago and now is in a continuous war by night. An Imperial Officer comes by and sends out the fighters to attack the boys by activating the Tanks and Fighters embedded in the planets landscape. In Dai-X, the boys are able to bring peace to Princess Keeli's planet. Once again at peace, Keeli rests, turning into a rose. (Farewell: the Eternal Battlefield)

Back on Earth, Star Fleet Command sends out Transport Cruisers to help rebuild the devastated Pluto Base, but they end up going missing. X-Bomber is sent out to help aid the cruisers, to find that Makara and Orion have returned, having built a base on Jupiter. They draw X-Bomber towards the base, where they attack. The boys set out in the Dai-X fighters to attack the base seperately, but they fail to get a good shot, so they Dai-X junction. Dai-X is able to destroy the base with ease, giving Makara no choice but to order a retreat. Dai-X stands victorious among the smoldering ruins of the Base. (Wipe Out the Transport Fleet)

Video ReleasesEdit

The movie was released in the UK by MY-TV in 1983, and was re-released by Master Vision in 1987. Until the Complete Series DVD release in 2009, this VHS along with Space Quest for F-01 were the only Video releases that Star Fleet saw in the UK, apart from Star Fleet in 1984.


  • The movie comes from 35mm prints as opposed to the 16mm used for the English master tapes, so the footage is better quality.
  • The movie was dubbed in Bulgarian and released as "ТАЛИАНСКИ ЗВЕЗДНИ ВОЙНИ" by Multi Video Center
  • Despite being a compilation film, the TV Series intro is still used, but the middle of it is cut. The end credits are also the same.
  • The F-01 plot is totally ignored, this compilation implies that the Alliance is only interested in the invasion of Earth.
  • It is implied that Carter is killed in the Pluto Base instead of having survived but taken by the Alliance as with the episodes. The scene of Shiro, Hercules and Lee mourning his death is cut for that reason. It is also ignored the fact that Carter was the one in the Alliance Carrier for Episode 11 here, his voice was heard, though most of it cut.
  • Episode 8's transition into 11 is bad given that one minute Lee is sitting in the Control room, then the next he is taking his break in the bunk room. Not to mention Shiro suddenly changing seats.


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