X-Project (song)
Escape from the Planet Monday

DJ Fresh


Drum and bass


Breakbeat Kaos
System Recordings


November 4, 2005





This article is about the D.J. Fresh song. For the X-Bomber Project, see X-Bomber.

X-Project is a drum and bass remix song by English artist DJ Fresh from his 2006 album Escape from Planet Monday. The song was released earlier in 2005 as a single, and subsequently on his 2005 album Bass Invaderz. The album was released to positive reviews.

The song remixes dialogue from the Star Fleet episode Scramble X-Bomber, mainly focusing on General Kyle's dialogue on launching Star Fleet's secret X-Project.

Sourced LinesEdit

  • General Kyle: Have our fighters annihilated the enemy?
  • Numbers 1 and 2: (in unison): General....
  • General Kyle: Hurry up, tell me what's happened. What is the outcome of the battle?
  • Number 1: Well, it has failed sir.
  • General Kyle: What do you mean, "failed"?
  • Number 1: Well, the Astrofighters launched from Pluto Base have been completely destroyed in course of action, sir.
  • General Kyle: That means invasion is imminent.
  • Number 2: Yes sir, we don't have time to assemble our Ocean Fleet now.
  • General Kyle: Our only hope is the X-Project. Contact our Moonbase
  • Number 2: Yes sir. Contact Dr. Benn at Moonbase!
  • Communications Officer: Yes sir!
  • Dr. Benn: General, I've heard it's bad news.
  • General Kyle: Doctor, I need your help!
  • Dr. Benn: There's nothing I can do, General.
  • General Kyle: You must, our astrofighters have benn completely destroyed!

  • Hercules: X-Project, even the name sounds mysterious. Wonder what it could be
  • Lee: Guess we'll soon know

  • General Kyle: Finally the time has come to launch our secret X-Project!
  • Dr. Benn: But it's only 90% ready, General.
  • Number 2: Well, in other words it's almost completed.

  • Hercules: Anytime you'd like, we'd appreciate knowing what X-Project is all about
  • Dr. Benn: You'll find out its secrets soon enough!

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